#goldenyear let it be… compassion

The story begins with gratitude…

?All the front line workers keeping us safe by doing their jobs and those hidden workers going above and beyond to make sure we still have some normalcy to life around us. Some connection. Today, I observed the 6feet rule and plexiglass in my grocery store. I saw a post on FB about Bauer making safe guards for health workers. I saw a post about a local gem designing face masks @lisadradermurphy #mynovascotia

>>>I watched parents show videos on social media of them trying to install some type of school and routine with their kids.

?I heard more stories of truckers trying to find places to sleep to keep the supply chain moving.

>>>I’m lucky that my family is and will hopefully stay in good health. One cousin out West survived this virus.

?I also saw a lot of criticism and negative comments.

>>>Freakin’ haters. Am I, right? Dig into the love for your self and breathe out the stress. We are one world in this together.

?This is our time. Now. To show generations how to act in the time of crisis. Be gentle. Be kind. Have and show compassion.

?As I continue with my song and dance for my #MBA @australianinstituteofbusiness and #PrimordialSoundMeditation#certification @chopracenter over the next month I hold in my heart a light for every negative comment and a prayer of #Reiki peace. I too, operate an online business as a #wellnesswarrior – lessons learned from my #heartattack and #burnout.

The lessons I see #humanity




>>>I will continue to share. Am I stressed out from this situation? Yes.

Of course. But, like @msrachelhollis from @theholliscompany and her #RiseXToronto#GoldenYear lessons – I get. Back. Up.

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