Happy New Year! My word for 2019 is Reserve

New Year, New You!

How often do you hear that? Especially at this time of year?

A lot. Right?

What is the message you understand from that question?  What resonates with you?

I’ll tell you mine.  I feel defensive.  As though I’m under the spotlight and not already at my best self.  That’s my feeling.  You may not feel the same way.

What I know is that I feel strange navigating the new waters of 2019 because I have said goodbye to a traditional location for my personal training club.  I built it and then I took it away.  For health reasons. So can focus on improving it dramatically this year.

My word for 2019 is: Reserve.

I am reserving my energy for myself.

You may not know this but my father passed away suddenly in 2006 and I joined Canyon Ranch a few years later to get checked out.  I go every year.  The past few years I’ve been lucky to take a few people with me like Amy M., Kaitlyn B., Scott W., and Nancy C.  Their responses have been great and I’ve been happy to share the holistic viewpoint of Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.  I also took a small group to the Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts but it was more of a fun visit than any health driven trip.

What I do know that this IS a new year for me as I am focused on learning more about raynaud’s, low thyroid, celiac, severe adrenal fatigue, cardiovascular disease, plantar fasciitis, and exercise induced asthma.

And, I’ll be doing my videos to help me out.  Why don’t you join me?



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