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Today, is Day 1 of my experience in the Ignite Mastermind hosted by eWomenNetwork.

eWomenNetwork is based in Texas but provides networking events/meetings/trainings/speaking opportunities around the world.

I am absolutely loving the experience so far!

I find it calming to listen to and learn from other #entrepreneurs discuss their concepts and ideas to receive coaching from Sandra Yancey directly in this part of the Mastermind. Her years of experience in setting up her business, eWomenNetwork, and being in business with other industries makes today so valuable I don’t know if I’ll absorb the impact of her words completely. Thankfully it’s recorded so I can listen to it again. My notes are all over my book I received that I use when I went to an eWomenNetwork Platinum event in Horseshoe Bay Resort years ago.

I also released today a new podcast episode up for stress over the holidays in 2020 that I hope you’ll listen to. There’s a few tips and tricks in there to help you understand the impact of our society’s situation and the power of creating a grateful heart this Christmas and holiday season.

I’m looking forward to what I’m cooking up for 2021!

Yours in health,


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