Jessica MacNutt, R.I.P.

I remember her strongly after investing money into her business, about how she thanked myself and Suzanne Milner for a marketing consult. We held it at my home. Jessica was on fire! She loved her business and thought she could make it bloom. Years ago, she had one competitor in HRM. She even included plans to deliver through Costco and around parts of the province. Big dreams. Lots of drive. An inspiration.

And, I remember her trip with her husband using my condo in Canmore to celebrate their wedding. I couldn’t attend her wedding as I was out of town but those photos are a tribute to their love and so beautiful with lots of fun moments to be had. I had introduced her to Metro Business Association as a business network and she rarely missed meetings sometimes sending her staff to sub in when they were busy.

Despite the challenges of an entrepreneur life she never gave up. She just adjusted her sails to whatever storm was going on – including when her competitor folded his doors and offered to sell it to her.

I was happy to hold a baby shower before the birth of her first child, her son. And, then gave her an impromptu one in her place of business on Tacoma in Dartmouth, N.S. for her second child, her daughter.

She was a great listener. Loads of advice and comments on people as I went through different phases of my business. She was my first fitness club official sponsor with – and any plan I came up with she was ready to listen. She even helped with our social media for a bit and did consulting work.

She also hired Kaitlyn Beaver, from Kaitlyn Beaver Wellness, for work at after I made the decision to give up my physical location on Baker Drive. Jessica was there for all the ups and downs that the decision had on my life. And, she loved Kaitlyn’s help with her business – calling her a real gem.

I remember one boat party organized by the social business networker Jill Borys, Jill’s Jewellery Box (a pillar for business at Metro Business Association for over 13 years) for Metro Business Association she wore these sparkling sandals that I loved. Her laugh was contagious that day as was the sunshine on the water that her and her husband enjoyed. Such a clear memory of fun.

I was in Florida when I heard of her sudden passing. The shock. The tears for her friends, Mom, family, husband and kids have never really left me. I couldn’t make it back for her memorial but I sent on photos I had and flowers in my place.

Thank you, Jessica for your help in business and as a friend.

You are…missed!

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Tara C. MacDonald

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  1. Jamie Scharf on March 27, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    What a beautiful tribute Tara. She was a force of nature, our world is less for not having her in it. I miss her very much and I love her dearly.
    Hugs to you. <3

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