Rest – What is it?

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I recently came back from the eWomenNetwork Platinum Conference hosted in Newport Beach, California, USA at the Balboa Bay Resort.

I came a day early in case of flight delays. Boy, was I glad I did that. Had a 6 hour delay in Denver that I wasn’t sure I was going to get out of that airport – weather delay, technical delay, equipment delay and staff delay… but we made it! Thanks, United.

I arrived at The Holiday Inn Newport Beach – I’m an IHG member and I know what I get when I book with them. I completed mobile check in so that all I had to do was walk in, get the keys, find the room, order healthy food from Uber Eats and sleep. The shower the next day was everything! Basic room but so welcomed.

The next day I arrived at The Balboa Bay Resort and was able to do an early check in. Oh… the room… see the photos?

King bed
Tv and desk area
Walk in shower
View of the courtyard

I signed up for two programs – Social Media and Brand Slam offered by the eWomen Network. I’ve got my first call for one of them this week. Looking forward to it!

I came back from the trip. Feeling great. Covid-19 tests all negative. Met up with a friend who had a cold. I was diagnosed three days ago with walking pneumonia. I haven’t been sick since 2019. My immune system got hit. My family doctor was on the ball though and got me medication to help kick it out. Pretty sure if I didn’t have asthma I wouldn’t have been hit so hard. But, what do you do? Take the time to rest and get better. Covid-19 tests are all still negative and medication is working.

So, why don’t we prioritize rest more? We need it. It’s not a badge of honour to have 4 hours of sleep at night because you’re working so hard – it’s a potential for burnout to happen. I say this with love and understanding because I went through it in 2018 and still had my heart attack in 2019. I survived it because of the wellness toolkit I have and the changes I made in my life. But, no one needs to go for the heart attack.

Canyon Ranch, whom I’m a client/member of, states: “More than you might expect, nutrition plays an important role in supporting restful sleep and a balanced mood. Eating regularly throughout the day, for example, will help you regulate circadian rhythms to support daytime alertness and nighttime sleep. And a healthy balanced diet aids the body’s ability to make the sleep promoting serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin. Adequate calcium, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins are all important nutrients for sleep enhancement.”

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