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Promotion for the Health & Harmony Wellness Retreat starts in March – hard to believe we are there – the coaches are (besides myself) Scott Walsh, Dawn Perrier and Amanda Swales.

We are all so excited – this is going to be a great trip to Rodd Crowbush PEI and a week I’m already looking forward to – transformation, change and new friendships in August 2020.

Starting September 2020, I’m taking in 3-5 clients for a 12 week program. This program will be made up of personal training, group fitness class/Yoga and Primordial Sound Meditation sessions.

What happens after that…? Well, in keeping with my own health goals, I’ll waive the online fitness program membership fee I have started and will set it up for those 3-5 clients. The online fitness program will launch in September as well.

This online fitness program will keep everyone busy and accountable until the next session that starts at the end of April 2021. Includes Co-active coaching and peer support.

Thanks to Boone Contracting for all the work done on the spaces.

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