The “dating game” – winners or losers?

Tara MacDonald, Certified Trainer and Specialist for Plus Sized Individuals and Seniors

2019 has been an interesting year. Getting a handle on my health; having a friend die unexpectedly; supporting some friends in their businesses; re-configuring my own business; dealing with senior dog issues (liver disease and eye issues); health of certain family members; and working on school non-stop.

What’s stood out recently is that I attempted to play in the dating game of In retrospect, it was a great distraction and I feel like he woke me up to experience the good side of “dating”. However, I am still single and we are not together (and don’t even talk anymore). So if there are winners and losers I definitely lost.

It was a 12 day whirlwind romance and I’ll never watch the movie The Joker the same (that was our second “date”). I had a mad crush on him that came to a screaming halt when things got weird by text message. What the entire experience taught me is that you can fall for someone in a short amount of time and have it be real. We had fun together and he was great to chat with – similar interests in movies, tv shows, music, and perspectives on life.

So, if you’re thinking of dipping your foot into online dating be prepared for a whirlwind and know that it is an experience not to be missed.

I am now, however, taking things glacially slow… 😉

Tara C. MacDonald

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