The road to Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Halifax Chapter

Why did I accept this position?

Well, talk about an uneven de-aligned road for sure.

Sound familiar? Nothing in my life has ever been linear no matter how hard I tried when I was younger. I broke my mind over it all in 1998-2000. Thanks to my Dad for coming thru for me during that time.

I had to start business networking to try to keep my investors in my first business happy and create work for my short film content video production company named after my Dad.

So I found eWomenNetwork around the time I found Canyon Ranch in Tuscon, Arizona. I was diagnosed with my first round of adrenal fatigue after the visit with Dr. Diane Downing at Canyon Ranch.

While I’ve done business my health has changed. Finally, in 2018 I was warned I had plaque build up in my arteries like a 65 year old smoker and that I had to change my ways. Well I was eating healthy and exercising – every other medical test came out ok. My disordered eating habits were on track and I was feeling some stress from work but nothing that I thought was so terrible I couldn’t continue. However, it was really concerning when my investors pointed out my Dad had died from a heart attack at 62 without warning other than high blood pressure. So, that began the ball of what do I do with this information…

I wrapped up the physical location of Tara MacDonald Fit Club Inc. in November 2018 and then had the heart attack anyway in June 2019 but survived it with all the changes I made to my health. I live with its shadow every day. Every. Day.

So I won’t stop living. No matter the pandemic issues we’ve all faced I enjoy what I do now as a Co-active Coach and fitness professional. Everything I do is online.

Through all of this I found a support network in eWomenNetwork. Wherever I traveled I would look up events and visit. I became a member of the Goode Mastermind and enjoyed the connection we all had. None of that would have been possible without eWomenNetwork. Now, as school clears up in 2023, I can bring that connection and that personal development to Halifax, N.S. I am a business connector. eWomenNetwork is the platform for my success and it can provide a platform for you as well.

They host my podcast and helped me become a #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author.

As I build this network over the years I hope you find that connection, too.

Yours in health,

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Tara C. MacDonald

I'm Tara MacDonald. I’m a curvy, fun, body-positive coach and personal trainer. I love business and fitness. Join my monthly newsletter and I will help equip you with the tools you need to be a rock star in fitness.

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