Back to School!

Back to school for so many of us!

I’m still going through my studies for my Masters of Kinesiology at California Baptist University. I do enjoy it though and my grades reflect it.

What do you do for dealing with school – either for yourself or your kids? Do you get school anxiety?

One of the great ways to deal with anxiety is through Yoga and Meditation. There’s a great program on Beachbody called UnStress. And, if you don’t like that one I recommend downloading and purchasing the Chopra App on your iPhone. It will open your day to meditation in the morning and the evening.

My favourite Yoga Teacher on Beachbody is Vytas Baskauskas from

Find me on Instagram and Facebook under Plus Fitness with Tara if you need more info on how to access these videos and the Chopra app. I’m happy to help!

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Tara C. MacDonald

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