Welcome, Fall…

I ended summer celebrations in Tucson, Arizona at the JW Marriott Starr Resort after medical tests from Canyon Ranch Tucson. I had a good cause to celebrate and enjoyed a full day, by a pool, on a scorching hot day, reading my book and sipping Bahama Mamas.

Then, I went to Texas to finish up two programs with eWomenNetwork called Brand Slam and the Disruptive Advantage respectively. eWomenNetwork offers programs like these for women (and men) who need the services in that specific program for their business. You hear about it at the conference and have until the end of the day to sign up – and competition can be fierce. I’ve seen women (and men) walk pretty fast to the back of the room with the forms. I don’t know if they’re offering more at the online conference in January but I’d ask me about how to take advantage of them and at their prices.

ICON was an amazing conference and I am so pumped that I’m going back next August. I can’t wait to roll around in all the stories and experiences and education that is this conference! Message me for more info on how business managers, corporations and entrepreneurs mix to do business in Dallas, Texas every year.

Today, we had a few entrepreneurs on my Chapter’s online SBI and we shared a few laughs as we went around the ZOOM room to see how everyone was doing and how we can support each other in business. Every month I host two events called SBIs to network and create connection for Nova Scotians in business. Interested in learning more about being a Managing Director? Message me! PEI, NB, NFLD and Ontario all need MDs and I can share how revitalizing this paid role is.

I also had the pleasure of having Guest Luke Hanna Nutrition on my Podcast interview go live today on iTunes and Spotify (as well as the eWomenNetwork Podcast network). He’s got a program with his fellow health professional (a medical doctor) Dr. Idz called the Lean Out Project. More… here.

I hope whatever Fall plans you have that you’re able to welcome in this season with an open heart and a call to be outdoors (weather and safety permitting).

Yours in health,


Tara C. MacDonald

I'm Tara MacDonald. I’m a curvy, fun, body-positive coach and personal trainer. I love business and fitness. Join my monthly newsletter and I will help equip you with the tools you need to be a rock star in fitness.

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