Wednesday Reflection

More reflection on the retreat…

I am still exhausted all the time.  Thanks to the supplements from Dr Karen F. at Symmetry Wellness Centre my Naturopath I am sleeping well.  I’m following a nutrition plan for carb cycling as well and it’s helping me out a lot.

So, there’s a lot of me time.

A lot of down time.

I listen to “Spa” music on iTunes and journal my thoughts and feelings.  I’m studying for my nutrition certification and studying 4-6 hours a day for my MBA program from the Australian Institute of Business.

I’m making sure my own nutrition involves more water and more leafy greens.  I’m getting used to wearing glasses… #feelingold #lol

What is my business?

What is my business focus?

What do I want to accomplish in the next two years?

Really good questions… I’m hopeful for the answers to come in the next few months.

Working next to two other strong entrepreneurs has been really inspiring at this retreat that Krista Smith organized and held us to.  A great way to connect and see them flesh out their dreams on what they want to do while they’re already running a business to begin with.  She’s got some great tips on her Instagram here:


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